Flame Cutting:

We flame cut our material in length and width to order. The thickness can range up to 300 mm.


Ultrasonic Test:

Ultrasonic test in different classes to DIN EN 10160 / SEL 072-77


Mechanical Tests:

Additional mechanical tests can be carried out, for example:

  • Z-test through the thickness (Z15, Z25 and Z35) according to DIN EN 10164
  • Impact test at different temperatures according to DIN EN 10045
  • Weld bead bend test (SEP 1390)



Independent Inspection:

Inspection through DNV, BV, Element, ABS, LRS or any other qualified independent inspection company.


Transfer of Identification:

We hold a TUV certificate that entitles us to a transfer of plate identification.



Our sales team is happy to organize a short-time and reliable transport of your goods at the requested delivery date.